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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fixed page rolling issue on document load

There was a issue on the viewer when document was loading each page was displayed before things get fully loaded.

This is fixed now in source code, you have to rebuild the swf to see it working.

Thanks to Alex Elimanov for this quick fix.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Few more things added

Hi all,

I just put some more options into the viewer and fixed some issues.

New features 1.04.2009

  • Text selection holding Shift Key
  • Document scrolling while selecting if view area is smaller than document zoom.
  • Fix: Prevent action on top buttons while selecting/scrolling.
  • Print capabilities;
Check the svn server for updated version

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ZViewer updated

New features - 01.28.2009

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Ins - Copy to clipboard
  • Home - First Page
  • End - Last Page
  • PageUp - Previous Page
  • PageDown - Next Page
  • Arrow Keys - Scroll
  • Keypad / - Zoom Show All
  • Keypad * - Zoom Best Fit
  • Keypad - - Zoom Out
  • Keypad + - Zoom In
  • Keypad 5 - Full Screen

Mouse Wheel:
  • Alone - Vertical scroll
  • Shift pressed - Horisontal Scroll
  • CTRL pressed - Zoom IN/OUT

Friday, January 9, 2009

Initial Release

Hi all

Here is my updated version of the SWF viewer started due to lack of features in rfxView from

- loads swf converted files (OOo2pdf - pdf2SWF) separate from the actual viwer.
- use SWFObject library to load the viewer and javascript to give arguments, document url etc
- seach with clear button
- search matches highlighted on next pages automatically as you go(sometims you still have to click search button once to view all)
- pages jump by typing number
- Copy all page (short highlight show the process succeeded)
- Full Screen
- Resizing remembers the view mode, so it scales accordingly
- Tooltips on buttons
- All the other options from rfwView

If one can suggest how to make the text in a page selectable by mouse, say it loud :)

Cristian Rusu
Web Programmer & Electronic publisher