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Monday, November 2, 2009

Fixed page rolling issue on document load

There was a issue on the viewer when document was loading each page was displayed before things get fully loaded.

This is fixed now in source code, you have to rebuild the swf to see it working.

Thanks to Alex Elimanov for this quick fix.


Crirus said...

I just rebuilt that myself, I was lazy first time :)

the_brain said...

Hello, I'm using zviewer for showing some pdf catalogues, but IE7 has some issues with swfobject. Can you please give me an example of how to embed zviewer and pass the doc_url parameter using object ?

Crirus said...

you should get the last version of swfobject, there is nothing wrong with it in IE

winxalex said...

Hey guys there is FL10 player outthere AS3 and AS3.2 and soon will be AS4. What you are doing with AS2???

Crirus said...

We are just some tremulous old guys here doing stuff the way we learned decades ago :)

Sabit said...

I will be a complete bonehead and ask a stupid question. How do I build ZViewer from the source? Is there any free tool for that?

Crirus said...

Well, if you ask such, why do yo need it recompiled anyway?

It is Flash CS3 that did the work... from Adobe.

Sabit said...

I need to disable Print and Copy to Clipboard button and set the default zoom to "Best Fit".

Allen said...

Does the swfc that comes with swftools build from source okay (that's what I use ... could you out the latest sources in one folder or provide the part list.. I can see I need the loader, action scripts, (and the fla)? not sure in the process here... hint please?


Crirus said...

Not really sure what you're asking but...

if you're talking about getting the sources, you can check the svn link here on the right side of the page.

RD said...

Is there any way to disable the print and fullscreen menu options?

Bug said...

Hello,SWV Document Viewer is very cool.

But I miss a Documantation :-(
How can I ever show Documents in "Zoom best fit" ?

Brian said...

Hi Crirus,

I actually wrote to you with the very same problem I'm about to describe back in October of last year. But the project was summarily shelved. Now I am working on it again.

I know very little about Flash. I am using PDF2SWF for document conversion. The documents seem to be converting correctly, at least when viewed 'in the raw'. However, when I load them into Z-viewer, they appear above the viewer itself, rather than within the viewer's viewport. The scrollbars and other viewer features do all work as expected--the document simply scrolls above the viewer.

With the exception of changing the name of the embedding div, I used your embedding code exactly.

Clearly, I am missing something in the conversion process, perhaps something that sets a z-axis attribute of the converted document relative to the viewer. My PDF2SWF conversion command line is:

/usr/bin/pdf2swf --stop --zlib --quiet {source} --output {dest}

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks,

Brian Howell

Thank you,


Crirus said...

can you give me a link to see what you mean?

Brian said...

Hi Crirus,

Please take a look at:

Your u/p is crirus zVi3w

I will delete it as soon as you've looked at the page.

Thierry said...

Hello Crirus,

Just few things:
- in fullscreen mode search box simply don't work
- was great to allow dynamic theming (pictures and CSS) for future releases
- was great to write some documentation on how to use the controls of zviewer inside an HTML webpage.

Great work and hope you will continue to improve it.

otmane said...

HI Crirus,
I'm using zviewer and it helps me a lot. So think you very much.
One problem i have is if you scroll to the bottom of a page then you click on next page, the scroll-bar does not reset, I mean it still in the bottom. What I want is if there is any way to do make the scroll-bar goes up once you click on the next page.

Otmane Malih

gag123mx said...

Hi Crirus
Im using the zviewer, and I want to disable the print and copy to clipboard buttons.

I already tried to use "allowPrint: \'false\" in the code that invokes the viewer but it seems it doesn't work.

I also checked file and found the code that executes the print and copy to clipboard function but I don't know anything of flash programming so I don't know how to recompile the source to disable such functions

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards


website checker said...

It will perfect if no bugs

Chintan said...

Hi...I am new to swf...but your viewer will do me tons of good if I am able to work it out. I have converted my pdf to swf using swftools as explained and I have changed the doc_url to target my converted swf file. But the html gives me this message Document URL not provided or invalid. Can someone please help me out in this. I would be deeply grateful