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Friday, January 9, 2009

Initial Release

Hi all

Here is my updated version of the SWF viewer started due to lack of features in rfxView from

- loads swf converted files (OOo2pdf - pdf2SWF) separate from the actual viwer.
- use SWFObject library to load the viewer and javascript to give arguments, document url etc
- seach with clear button
- search matches highlighted on next pages automatically as you go(sometims you still have to click search button once to view all)
- pages jump by typing number
- Copy all page (short highlight show the process succeeded)
- Full Screen
- Resizing remembers the view mode, so it scales accordingly
- Tooltips on buttons
- All the other options from rfwView

If one can suggest how to make the text in a page selectable by mouse, say it loud :)

Cristian Rusu
Web Programmer & Electronic publisher


cthulhu said...

nice work. But what about print abilities? are there any viewer that allow to print pdf content?

Crirus said...

Well, the actual swf come from a pdf so I guess it's not such a big deal to link to the pdf for printing

Anonymous said...

This looks like great functionality - excatly what we have been looking for. Unfortunately, we have business users, not programmers in our group (also, we have no IT department). How exactly do we plug this into swftools so that we can use it? Sorry - I know this is a basic question, but we would appreciate any direction you can give us. Thanks

crirus said...

T^he main idea here was to be used as a player of swf documents.

Basically you only generate the swfs with psf2swf tool and never use swfcombine.

Alternatively you embed the player in a web page and give the link to document swf.

See my demo link here for a live sample of integration

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Is there a way to disable the search.


Crirus said...

right now, I am adding the features for now :), but wont be a problem to set a html config to show/hide any buttons, although I assume most of them should be visible.

I am gathering opinions....

jfmxl said...

Hi Chris,

I notice that when the swfviewer loads the to-be-viewed swf plays through before swfviewer wraps itself around it. Am I doing something wrong? How can this be avoided. Actually your demo exhibits the same behaviour. Any way this can be avoided?

Appreciate your efforts very much.

Crirus said...

How can I see a sample of what you mean?

jfmxl said...

When I go to your demo the included, or hosted, or wrapped swf plays first. Just as it would if there were no swfviewer. Then it pops up in the swf viewer.

The demo is so short that it goes by pretty quickly. If the wrapped swf is longer... then it takes longer. I'd like to avoid that.

Can it be that you haven't noticed it? I use ubuntu/firefox 3.0.3. Maybe it doesn't happen with whatever you're running?

Sorry for posting again. I returned to the site and didn't see by posting so I posted again. Then I found notice of activity when I checked my yahoo mail account.

Crirus said...

probably I never noticed, can you give me a demo link somehow?

jfmxl said...

Yes... try

Click on one of the vowels and then choose a rime and you will see what I'm talking about.

The "page numbers" may be providing a clue.

Crirus said...

hmm, isn't this a matter of the swf that you create with pdf2swf?

I think you can have a parameter to tell to output swf not to play or something.

havorkian said...

try -s insertstop when using pdf2swf

Nguyen Tat said...

Hi Crirus

The first I want to thank for your tool. I have a question:

How to display all page in swf file into one frame in zviewer?

You can see examples in site:

Crirus said...

Are you talking about Thumb view?

I am afraid that is not yet implemented, you can only browse a document frame by frame.

Nguyen Tat said...

You can see more in the follow link:
It looks like as zviewer
I know the current zviewer is not implemented yet, but do you think: may be modify flash source code of zviewer to view as?

Crirus said...

yes, that is nice, I will look into having the continuous page view integrated when I get the chance.

Man said...

how can i change the look and feel of zviewer, for example the background image of the top bar and icons etc.

Eric said...

Hi, is your website down. It does not load for me...

Ashish Bansal said...

Is there a way so that the flash file automatically gets displayed instead of first downloading the whole document, it can show me the first few initial pages. And tell me how to put some actions in this Viewer. And is it possible to have the id's of different structures of ZViewer.